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Curiosities - Pairing #1

Woven Tapestry mounted on wooden board


66 x 56 cm

The tapestries in this series are mounted on a board support. The board stands on a narrow wall-mounted shelf.In this series, I am interested in creating a kind of chimera through the pairing of two distinct entities: a leaf and sea coral, a shell and human rib cage, a plant and mechanical devise and hybrid plant pairings. I see these works as pseudoscientific artifice, an engineered aberration of the natural order, yet, I hope, quite beautiful. My thinking for this series is informed partly by my interest in Cabinets of Curiosity (Wunderkammer).

The tapestries are presented like specimens mounted and displayed on shelves, suggesting relationships and/or contradictions between art and science, imagination and knowledge, decoration and display. The method of installation emphasizes the presence of the tapestry as an object and probes links between the physical display of the work and potential meanings of the imagery.