jane kidd

Wonderland Series

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Curiouser and Curiouser #1 detail
Woven Tapestry on wooden shelf
46 x 244 cm

Wonderland Series refers to Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland and explores my interest in genetically modified organisms and the use of technology and science as a means to manipulate and engineer the environment.

Reading from left to right, the images invite thoughts on seeds, germination and genetic manipulation. In the first work of this series Curiouser and Curiouser #1 the final image of a wheat plant with enlarged grain heads is flanked by text based on Monsanto's coding for GMO seeds. The end of the tapestry is rolled from view suggesting an unknown or hidden conclusion. Will what we create solve our problems or create new ones? Are we creating a future wonderland, or will we be trapped in a nightmare?

The tapestries in this series are mounted on wooden shelves or lectern-like supports to present the tapestries as museum specimens, suggesting relationships and /or contridictions between art and science, imagination and knowledge, decoration and display.