jane kidd

Phenomena Series

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Phenomena: Burn
Woven Tapestry
91 x 121 cm

Phenomena Series explores landscapes in crisis due to the environmental effects of increasingly dramatic weather events. Each works consists of two sections, a symbolic landscape that is defined through colour, pattern and stylized imagery paired with a side or lower section containing finely rendered images that represent the results of changing climatic phenomena.
Phenomena consists of four tapestries. 'Dry' contrasts isolated and dried seeds extracted form a parched infertile landscape; representations of toxic mold and bacterial growth underlie the flooded land in 'Wet'; the bones of endangered animals testify to the effects of a warming climate in 'Melt' and the understory ecosystem emerges charred and exposed in 'Burn'.
Each landscape features a grid that draws its colour system from another tapestry in the series and acts as a means to connect the four works and acknowledge the interconnectedness of the causes and results of climatic change.